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An Igneous Rock


If you're looking for indestructible countertops, Granite is the strongest and most durable Natural Stone in existence.

The Permanent Sealer on Granite will give you a completely headache and maintenance free countertop. A single application and your stone will never again have to be sealed, unlike every other sealer on the market you will never have to "refresh" or reapply a sealer for the rest of your countertop's life.

Granite does not have the calcium carbonate mineral in its fabric and will therefore not etch like Marble but many Granites are more porous than Marble. Be careful that you're not misled by uneducated and the "old school" mentality which teaches that Granite is hard and thus not porous. All you have to do is read the blogs and forums where consumers have been misled by these uneducated salespeople. All stone is porous and needs to be treated with the Permanent Sealer. Your stone may not show stains easily but if you don't know how to clean and maintain them you will quickly start loosing your patience with all the confusing information available online and at your local stone store. It's not that complicated, enter your name and email on the "home page" for my free video that will clear things up for you.

We've treated a number of countertops with stones like the Polished Black Galaxy and Blue Pearl (commonly known as stones that don't need sealing) years after they were installed and the clients have not only noticed an increase in the shine after sealing but have also loved the ease of maintenance. After the Permanent Sealer it's a lot easier to clean your stone.

The Countertop Industry today has classified many stones as "Granite" that are not true granites. It's important that you understand why, when shopping for your countertops, enter your name and email on the "home page" for my free video where I teach you about this issue.

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A Metamorphic Rock


Marble is one of the most desirable Natural Stones for countertops, mostly if not entirely due to it's beautiful clean look and smooth lines (veins).

The Permanent Sealer will protect your Marble from staining for it's entire lifetime. A single application on your Polished or Honed Marble will keep your stone repellent forever with minimal maintenance, enter your name and email on the "home page" for my free video that will show you how it works.

Before you choose Marble for your kitchen or bathroom, it's vital that you understand what etching is and what it looks like. Marble is a Calcite Based or Calciferous stone and there is currently no known penetrating sealer that will keep your stone from etching. Watch the free video to learn about this too.

Be CAUTIOUS about topical sealers, they don't work and will most likely damage your stone! If someone offers you any sealer that keeps your stone from etching be very skeptical, I did a test with a very advanced and expensive topial sealer that DID NOT work!  You must learn the basics by enetring your name and email on the "home page" to get my free video.